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Vessels of Mercy Team with Girls at Deborah House

Vessels of Mercy Team gets the girls from Deborah House OUTSIDE and RUNNING!

Energy in Action!

Vessels of Mercy Team – Activities with Girls from Deborah House

The Vessels of Mercy team has FUN with the girls from Deborah House!


Vessels of Mercy Team Visit – September 2014

Vessels of Mercy Team visited the girls at Deborah House again this year!

Vessels of Mercy with Girls from Deborah House

Back to School – Students

Students in the Back to School program celebrating end of school year with Doru.

Back to School Students in Classroom

Puppet Show by Deborah Girls – Woodstock Team

Girls from Deborah House having fund putting on puppet show with team from Woodstock, Georgia.

Girls from Deborah House Entertaining Others with Puppets