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Back to School – Students

Students in the Back to School program celebrating end of school year with Doru.

Back to School Students in Classroom

Spring Was A Very Busy Time for Harmony

Doru and Rodica taught new songs to the children at Recas, Lugoj and Buzias for the annual Easter concert in Timisoara.  The concert was successful as ever and all were blessed by the beautiful voices of the Harmony children’s choirs from the orphanages and young offenders’ prison.  In addition to the music, Rodica selected several poems and helped the children learn to recite them from memory.

The Harmony Easter Concert for 2009

The Harmony Easter Concert for 2009

The Annual Visit with the Sisters of the Sag Monastery

Over 30 children from Recas orphanage and special needs school visited the Orthodox Sisters from Sag Monastery. Visiting the Sisters for Mother’s Day has become a tradition. The children make cards and sing for the Sisters, and the Sisters prepare lunch and desserts for the children.

Doru and Rodica Worry About the Older Orphans and Ask for Your Prayers

Harmony has ministered to some of these children since just after the Christmas ’89 Revolution. The teenagers are the ones no one wanted several years ago when the foster parents program began. A disproportionate number are of the Rroma minority. Many of these children are now approaching the age of 18 when they must leave the orphanage to an uncertain future. Abandoned as babies, for many the orphanage is the only home they have known. Please pray for them that God has touched their hearts, and they have experienced God’s Love through Harmony ministry. Please pray also that resources for Aspirations will increase so more of them can transition into society with the needed assistance Aspirations could provide.

The Young Offenders Program Grows!

The number of boys attending Harmony’s classes at the young offenders’ prison has grown from 25-30 to 60-75 boys every time. This is a remarkable development when you consider the classes are during the boys’ recreational time and they could be outdoors playing soccer or other games. Doru and Rodica ask for special prayers for the boys, so Harmony would be not only a time when they enjoy spiritual music, but also a time of healing and life changing reflection for them. Also pray for the prison staff that is so diligent in their professional commitment to reducing recidivism. And remember to praise God for the number of boys attending Harmony classes!


Boys Involved in Harmony's Young Offender's Program